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BookingCW Transfers expands to Britain with new travel routes

BookingCW Transfers expands to Britain with new travel routes
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BookingCW Transfers is expanding its worldwide booking options with new available routes at UK destinations including London and Birmingham.

The online booking portal, which provides users with an easy-to-access portal where they can arrange their latest transfer, has found growing demand in Europe’s capital cities as tourism recovers post-pandemic.

London alone accounted for a substantial revival in European transfer bookings over the past month as the capital saw a strong rebound in international travel. Airports including Heathrow, London Gatwick and London City have benefitted from a resurgence in international travel. With more flights becoming available, there has been a progressive uptick in transfer requests for business customers as well as families in a number of cities.

Also providing international airport booking options, BookingCW Transfers is offering services at major destinations in Europe including Dublin and Barcelona to name but a few.

During the course of September, Ryanair flew over 10 million passengers according to recent data. The Irish based carrier saw a doubling of passenger traffic on the previous year following the lifting of lockdowns around the world.

Passengers looking to arrange their latest transfer can simply search BookingCW Transfers’ online portal for their chosen arrival and destination to find the latest travel options available. Within a few clicks, users can order a private car, shuttle or even choose a shared transfer depending on their circumstances.

For users looking at additional requirements such as private chauffeurs and helicopter transfers between airports and other destinations, there are a number of specialist services available.

As the UK’s tourism economy recovers, transfers are firmly back in action, and as new air bridges between Asia, North America and Europe become available, there’s anticipation that the Christmas season could bring a surge in demand at top city destinations.

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Source: Britain Daily