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As the education sector goes through a transformation, Sonolafonte brings global expertise to institutions

As the education sector goes through a transformation, Sonolafonte brings global expertise to institutions
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Sonolafonte, one of Britain’s emerging education solution providers, has seen a large shift from traditional to digital learning in the sector over the past 18 months.

With the world’s leading schools, universities and institutions vying to innovate with digital course offerings in the post-pandemic era, there’s been an urgent need to provide a new kind of course offering. There remain key challenges in the education sector especially for teachers that have struggled to tutor students at a distance.

Sonolafonte, a specialist provider in educational solutions, has been bridging the gap with traditional curriculums by designing course content and digital learning tools that enable students and teachers alike to collaborate through a new tailored approach.

Having developed high quality educational solutions for students in schools, colleges and universities, Sonolafonte recently revealed its latest integrated learning solutions to help educational institutions expand their degree programmes. With many of the Middle East’s leading universities adapting their course content for an online-only delivery, there have been a variety of difficulties in adapting course materials for distanced learning. Among some of the challenges have included delivering content through digital learning tools at scale, and for students in various age groups. This has also been the case from a technical standpoint, where institutions have struggled to build from scratch effective portals that will allow for students to log on, find individual courses, and work through the materials.

Through its in-house research and development of integrated solutions, Sonolafonte found out early on how vital it was to build learning tools and training programmes that could work in these settings, and also provide a way for institutions to properly manage their digital courses.

With its tailored digital solutions, Sonolafonte has already helped a number of schools and colleges across the Middle East develop their integrated platforms for content delivery. As more institutions seek to fully digitise their courses, advanced education programmes and specialist vocations are now becoming more accessible thanks to these new delivery platforms.

And as more students seek digital courses in a variety of industries, the global education sector will be unrecognisable in the next 5 years. Will institutions be able to catch up in time?

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Source: The Britonian