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The Flamingo Club launches social network with live DJs to bring nightlife fun to people online

The Flamingo Club launches social network with live DJs to bring nightlife fun to people online
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There’s a new kind of nightlife scene emerging through the power of streaming thanks to The Flamingo Club, a live music and social networking website serving people across the UK.

Completely transforming the traditional night club scene into an online interactive experience, The Flamingo Club is empowering singles who’ve been left bored with the traditional online dating websites and conventional dating apps currently on offer. Thanks to its live entertainment shows with DJs through to interactive and sociable dating site features, people from across the UK can experience the nightlife atmosphere to meet new people and socialise with a brand new online experience.

Offering free and premium monthly membership plans, The Flamingo Club provides users with the options to create profiles, upload their pictures and build their own media pages. There’s also a dress code for entrants enforced by ‘The Bouncers’.

Providing a completely inclusive experience for people aged 18 and over, the online nightclub includes a ‘get to know’ area for intimate conversations, just like at a physical venue, as well as video dates and many other ways to interact between registered members. The company has also developed a variety of fun tools including an interaction tracker where users can recognise people they’ve previously met at the online nightclub, and catch up with old friends.

DJs can also broadcast with their own channel in The Flamingo Club’s ‘Entertainment Rooms’. It’s a live stream platform like no other in that it is dedicated to the DJs.

The uniquely positioned internet nightclub is a refreshing innovation that has proven popular among singles looking for an alternative to boring and saturated dating apps with endless swiping and unfavourable algorithms that often lead to nowhere. It’s also an alternative venue for young people to find likeminded friends and build a social life for themselves, starting with the online experience. The Flamingo Club also includes online dating features for those that want to get to know people they’ve met a little more.

For everything else, there’s plenty to discover, and with this innovative approach to night life, it’s certainly worth exploring as an alternative to traditional dating apps or websites where it’s often hard to find genuine people among the crowd.

Have you considered exploring The Flamingo Club for your next online ‘night out’? Register for free now at www.TheFlamingo.Club

In partnership with The Flamingo Club

Source: Britain Daily

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