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The Burrell Collection in Glasgow is breaking new ground in sustainability

The Burrell Collection in Glasgow is breaking new ground in sustainability
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The Burrell Collection in Glasgow, Scotland, will reopen in March 2022 in a renovated and reinvented A-listed structure that will help set new sustainability standards for museums.

According to charity Glasgow Life, the ambitious redisplay of one of the finest global art collections ever accumulated by one person is taking place inside a renovated and expanded facility for the future.

The Burrell Collection was closed to the public in 2016 for renovations that have been ongoing since then. Due to site closures and new practises established as a result of the global pandemic, there were delays and cost increases.

The renovated building will be a model of sustainable low-carbon design, with additional gallery spaces, displays, and facilities. The museum’s environmental performance has been improved by significantly enhancing the exterior of the building and replacing power, heating, and lighting systems with more efficient sustainable technologies. It is expected that a BREEAM Excellent rating will be achieved, pending formal certification.

“The Burrell Collection is globally appreciated for its breadth, beauty, and exceptional quality,” said Glasgow City Council leader Susan Aitken. “Glasgow’s ambition is to give it the home it needs for the generations to come, giving the objects a more secure environment, while at the same time being more sustainable. The changes made to the fabric of the building to make it more air-tight and water-tight, and new glazing make it far less susceptible to changes in heat, and the upgrades of plant and systems means the building will be far more efficient, and able to take advantage of new technologies in the future to lessen its impact further. The project is realising a new, more sustainable future for The Burrell Collection and will keep searching for ways to improve the building’s performance further when it opens.”

The Burrell Collection and the rest of Pollok Country Park will be easier to reach by public transportation, bike, or foot according to the park’s Active Travel Management Plan, which was created in tandem with the building renovation. This includes a better walkway network and signage, bike rentals and racks, an electric shuttle service, and electric car charging stations.

Many of the Collection’s valuable and unusual pieces, some of which have not been seen in decades or have never been on permanent display, will finally be on view thanks to the refurbishment’s 35 percent increase in gallery space.

Source: Daily Scotland

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