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House music pioneer and star DJ Sasha to play intimate gig to help dad speed up research into rare cancers

House music pioneer and star DJ Sasha to play intimate gig to help dad speed up research into rare cancers
© Sasha

Sasha will take a break from his current world tour on Saturday, July 2 to perform to a packed house at the Gazelle Hotel in Anglesey in support of a cause that is dear to his heart. His father, Steve Coe, who has been one of his biggest supporters and supporters throughout his whole career, received a rare cancer diagnosis last year. Steve previously organized fundraising events with some of the top DJs in the world to raise money for UNICEF. Now, he is using his abilities to spread knowledge of and support for RareCan, a UK health digital start-up.

“RareCan is a really interesting example of how commercial enterprise can be used to tackle thorny problems. It is a business with a massively important social purpose at its heart, and that’s why I’m doing everything I can to help it grow,” said Steve Coe.

Steve’s type of uncommon cancer affects more than 500,000 people in the UK. Sadly, because these tumors are uncommon, less study has been done to understand them, there are frequently fewer available treatments, and as a result, the survival statistics for individuals who are affected are lower. About three-quarters of cancer cases worldwide are caused by the 19 most frequent cancers, with the remaining one-fourth by the 180 various forms of uncommon cancers. The likelihood of dying within five years is 50% higher for those with uncommon cancers than for those with common cancers, despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are affected by them.

“We believe people with rare cancers should have the same opportunities for treatment and expect the same chances of surviving as people with common cancers.” Piers Kotting, CEO and founder of RareCan.

Steve and Sasha can relate to this a lot because they had personal experience with a more uncommon form of cancer. Sasha and Steve intend to spread the word about RareCan and its crowdfunding campaign by performing the sunset show on Wales’ breathtaking north coast in order to help the business expand more swiftly and further research into rare malignancies.

Numerous people have expressed interest in RareCan’s crowdfunding effort on Crowdcube, but further financing is required to expand its staff and bring rare malignancies to more people.

Source: Britain Daily

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