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Dutch entrepreneur Roel Oosterwijk brings new designs to the UK

Dutch entrepreneur Roel Oosterwijk brings new designs to the UK
© Roel Oosterwijk

Roel Oosterwijk is among Europe’s emerging content creators building a fanbase in the UK to share new designs and creative projects.

Having studied in graphic design and graduating just last year from college, the young Dutch entrepreneur from Rotterdam is sharing his new artworks and apparel with UK audiences.

After the successful launch of his new online store, the entrepreneur has been working towards launching his first digital agency to offer customers in the UK and across Europe high quality designs and creative services.

With the release of his recent popular posters from his landscape and city photography collection through to his iPhone case covers, the young entrepreneur is building an online fanbase to further grow his new creative business.

And Oosterwijk has set his sights set on the UK to share his European creations to those that appreciate European culture.

© Roel Oosterwijk

Until recently, travellers from the UK were connected to Amsterdam directly via the Eurostar, and with 11 million passengers a year travelling between Europe and the UK by rail pre-pandemic, there’s still a big cultural appetite in Britain for European artistic projects and design.

Despite the impact of Brexit, European entrepreneurs such as Oosterwijk are setting their sights on the UK, with new inspiring designs in the works to further tempt the British palette for all things European.

To learn more about Roel Oosterwijk, visit his website to discover his latest designs and news announcements.

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Source: Britain Daily

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